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25 February 2008 @ 11:19 am
More random crap.  
He'd walk into the pet shop wearing that old overcoat of his sporting a mess of a beard and smelling of cheap stale wine and would confess his sins into the airholes of plexiglass cages housing unwanted cats and depressed dogs. He wore a sort of vacuum-like aura around him as people would clear and watch him with the corner of their eyes whispering warnings to their children. Eventually the employees would catch on and usher him out of the store in frightened desperation. But within a few hours he'd always be back, like a pesky shadow, to whisper his sins to the animals. Every so often a tear would roll down his cheek and get lost in his beard and he'd clam up for a moment or two as if crying inside. No one knew what he was saying. I don't think even the animals understood.

One snowy night in February during a snow storm of record proportion the boiler in the basement of the shop failed and caught aflame. By dawn nothing was left but jagged remnants of wood frame and melted plastic and charred bones and ashes. That very day he showed up for the last time, stumbled into the wreckage and proceeded to scoop up and eat the snow and ashes as if they were memories he wanted to keep inside him. He died soon after.

When the doctors cut him open they found the animals inside him. It was as if they had somehow been reassembled. Cats and dogs. Packed together like some sort of biological jigsaw puzzle. At first they appeared dead but then, inexplicably, thawed back to life under the warmth of the hospital lights. As for the rest of him there was nothing there but bones with skin stretched over them like a canvas sack. They buried what was left in potter's field.

Within a few days they found a pit where the grave had been. Judging by the way the soil had been dug out and the tracks in the area it seemed like a pack of dogs had dug up his corpse during the night. The body was gone and it was speculated that the dogs had eaten what little was left. But no one could explain the strange marks leading away from the pit that looked something akin to footprints left by bare human feet.